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Big Events of unique taste at Bologna

The organization of Big Events in the wonderful setting of the city of Bologna is entrusted to Party Receptions.

For over 40 years Party Ricevimenti offers a truly unique catering service, not only for the high standard menus but also thanks to the excellent organization and constant attention paid to each detail. Even the smallest.

Party Ricevimenti personalizes catering because it takes care of each client and their event: whether it be a Cocktail Party, Gala Dinner or Big Event. Party Ricevimenti guarantees an impeccable organization, professionalism and experience on behalf of its staff.

The thorough research in catering and banquets, the choice of special settings, the mastery and creativity of expert chefs make up Party’s added value in the preparation of personalized and thematic menus, revisiting age-old traditions of typical and historical regional cuisine arriving at the international and fusion cuisine for a perfect blend between love and taste.

The success of a Big Event also depends on the location.  For this reason Party Ricevimenti employs time and resources in the search for the perfect venue, able to welcome and express the style of its true protagonists: the guests.