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Convivia. Quality Fairground catering

Catering at the Bologna Fairground passes through Convivia.

Convivia is a company of the Camst Group, one of the leaders in Italy in exhibition and fairground catering.

Convivia exclusively manages the catering inside the Bologna Fairground thanks to:

As well as these services Convivia completes its offer with refreshment stands, kiosks and mobile bars, created ad hoc according to the different events at the Fair.

In peak times Convivia employs nearly 450 collaborators a day.

A professional reality guaranteeing a reliable service and high qualitative standards of fairground catering.

With Camst’s vast experience in fairground catering behind it, Convivia has contributed in refining catering and food distribution techniques in order to give each customer what they want, a quick healthy meal.