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Convivia Self-Service Restaurants

Ideal solution for rapid catering, excellent for new rhythms and the changing food habits of consumers, Convivia’s formula of self-service restaurants is distinguished for its environmental impact together with service and produce quality and its warm welcome even to the fussiest.

Convivia’s self-service responds to the most modern catering criteria: it’s free and easy, rapid and  personalized, fresh so as to guarantee the quality of its ingredients for those eating out and varied to satisfy the needs of each single customer.

An idea of catering closer to the customer, who in turn is sure of the quality of the cooking which is prepared directly on the premises.

There is a wide and selected gastronomic choice: traditional first and main courses, buffets with cold dishes and salads, vegetables and tasty single courses prepared on the spot by expert chefs.

When creating menus, great care is taken over the choice of vegetables, fruit and desserts, which are becoming increasingly more popular among those eating out. Moreover the preparation of dishes is in absolute harmony with the traditional lightness and freshness of our Mediterranean cuisine.

Inside the Fairground:

  • Expò (Pavillion 29)
  • Convivia (Pav. 16/18)

Near the Bologna Fairground:

  • Europa Self Service:  P.zza Costituzione, 5/c
  • Vertice: Viale Moro Aldo, 26/A